so-import-pcap is a quick and dirty EXPERIMENTAL script that will import one or more pcaps into Security Onion and preserve original timestamps.

It will do the following:

  • stop and disable Curator to avoid closing old indices
  • stop and disable all active sniffing processes (Zeek, Snort, Suricata, and netsniff-ng)
  • stop and disable ossec_agent
  • reconfigure and restart sguild, syslog-ng, and Logstash where necessary
  • generate IDS alerts using Snort or Suricata
  • generate Zeek logs
  • store IDS alerts and Zeek logs with original timestamps
  • split traffic into separate daily pcaps and store them where sguil’s pcap_agent can find them


  • You must be running at least Security Onion 16.04.


  • Do NOT run this on a production deployment. It is designed for standalone systems designated for so-import-pcap.
  • If you’re running in a VM with snapshot capability, you might want to take a snapshot before this program makes changes.

Reverting System Changes:

  • If you take a VM snapshot before this program makes changes, then just revert to snapshot.
  • Otherwise, you can re-run Setup and it should overwrite all modified files to revert the system to normal operation.


Please supply the full path to at least one pcap file.

For example, to import a single pcap named import.pcap:

sudo so-import-pcap /full/path/to/import.pcap

To import multiple pcaps:

sudo so-import-pcap /full/path/to/import1.pcap /full/path/to/import2.pcap


For a detailed walk-through with screenshots, please see


Please note that so-import-pcap will make changes to your system! It will warn you before doing so and will prompt you to press Enter to continue or Ctrl-c to cancel.

If you want to bypass the “Press Enter to continue” prompt, you can do something like this:

echo | sudo so-import-pcap /opt/samples/markofu/ie*