Who should attend Security Onion Conference?

If you use Security Onion, then you should definitely make plans to attend Security Onion Conference! Even if you don’t use Security Onion, most talks provide value beyond just Security Onion itself. So if you’re generally interested in things like intrusion detection, network security monitoring, enterprise security monitoring, log management, hunting, and blue teaming, then you should consider attending Security Onion Conference!

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Security Onion Conference 2020

Security Onion Conference 2020 is currently scheduled for October 16, 2020.

Security Onion Conference 2016


Security Onion Conference 2016 Video Playlist

Security Onion Conference 2016

Eric Conrad - C2 Phone Home: Leveraging Security Onion to Identify C&C Channels
Robert M. Lee - ICS/SCADA Network Security Monitoring in Difficult Scenarios
Josh Brower - Uncovering Persistence With Autoruns & Security Onion
Chris Sanders - The Investigation Labyrinth
Martin Holste - ELSA 2.0
Chris McCubbin - Practical Cyborgism: Machine Learning for Bro Logs
Brad Duncan - My Use of Security Onion as a researcher
Nathan Crews and Tanner Payne - Simplifying Home Security with CHIVE
Doug Burks - State of the Onion

Security Onion Conference 2015

Todd Heberlein - Looking Back Over a Quarter Century of Network Monitoring
Martin Holste - Security Event Data in the OODA Loop Model
Chris Sistrunk - Industrially Hardened Security Onion Sensor
Josh Brower - Using Sysmon to Enrich Security Onion’s Host-Level Capabilities

Security Onion Conference 2014

Richard Bejtlich - Keynote Speech
Dustin Webber - Why I Built Snorby and the Future of Security Interfaces
Paul Halliday - SQUERT – An Open Source Web Interface for NSM Data
Martin Holste - ELSA
Mike Reeves - Scaling Security Onion to the Enterprise
Josh Brower - The Security Onion Cloud Client
Chris Sanders and Jason Smith - Using Flow Data Effectively
Ben Knowles - Learn Analysis and Forensics for Free** with Security Onion
Tim Krabec - Custodiet MSSP Framework
Scott Runnels - Contributing to Security Onion
Doug Burks - State of the Onion, Q&A, Closing Remarks